I have a few mind control sex stories up my sleeves, but you just need a little taste.  You never know what I am capable of…

We should be making some mind control sex stories of our own.  I know all about that insatiable craving you have, baby. I know you’ve been hungering for something dark and devious. Fucking like animals is great, of course, but you have desires that are less palatable to some. You want things that maybe you shouldn’t, I mean, surely they would be frowned upon if anyone ever found out. You don’t have to worry about that with me. I won’t judge you for your filthy mind. I won’t judge the nefarious acts you commit in the name of pleasure. You and I are not so different.

I have my own shameful desires, except I don’t feel any shame at all. Certainly, I have secrets, and I do prefer to keep them that way, but my life is mostly spent in the shadows, where secrets live. You can’t even imagine the things I am willing to do to reach the height of warped satisfaction.

As a man, you should understand this, completely. I’ve seen men do some heinously atrocious things just to bust their nut. I get it… Is there anything better than a mind-blowing orgasm? Fuck no, there isn’t.

You’ll do anything to please me.

What can I influence you to do? A man with a hard cock is so malleable. So easy to bend to my whim. It doesn’t happen overnight. The corruption of a mind is careful work. I plant my wicked little seeds in your fruitful mind.  Slowly but surely those seeds will begin to grow and thrive. Even if you wanted to shake them loose, you would never be able to. I will have taken root in your subconscious. I will corrupt every thought in your waking mind. You can try to fight it all you want, but there will be no use. Your noggin will be the headquarters for my mind-fuckery. There is no escape, I’m afraid, but after we reach our sinful bliss together, you certainly won’t want to, darling.

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