Mind control sex stories with Daddy’s mean cock..

Mind control sex stories are something I never thought I’d write about, but they have sounded kinkier and kinkier by the day! My daddy always kind of did something like it, too. There’s all these stories out there, specially with recent movies, of people hypnotizing others to be their sex slaves and all that.. But I realized there was something my own Daddy did that kind of fell right into line with them. We had this little game, kind of like Simon Says. I could do whatever I wanted and be a little brat all of the time.. but whenever Daddy asked specifically for ‘Barbie’, I had to be a good girl and do whatever he wanted. Sometimes he’d use it to get me to behave.

Other times, he’d use it to be a dirty old man!

Daddy always loved playing that game to get me to do whatever he asked. He’d use it to make me wear my cute little cheer short-shorts. They were tight, pink, and when I’d bend over and practice my gymnastics in front of him, would cling to my little puffy pussy lips. So, we got into a game of him using it to make me show off in front of him, or for his friends. I’d flip around the living room, dancing and being a good girl, instead of sassy Ms. Kali. As time went on, it got dirtier and more taboo, turning into mind control sex stories that I secretly love to tell. He showed me how to suck my first cock with it.. and you don’t even have to ask, you know it was his! He got these juicy pink lips all to himself for the first time.


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