Mind blowing! That’s what sex was like with Danny. We had met at a local bar and connected right away. I soon found out that he was a police officer and worked a ton. Good thing I did too!

We started texting pretty often, and that turned into some naughty conversations. I always got so hot and bothered by him, but I could never figure out why.

I had agreed to meet up for coffee on more then a few occasions, eventually I knew we needed a hotel stay. I was so ready to get this man inside of me after a few weeks of talk and coffee and see what he was all about. The way we had sex was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Holy fuck it was so intense and connecting.

As we stood there, Danny slowly kissing and undressing me, I felt my body start to burn with a passion I’d never felt before. We lay down on the bed, facing each other and he said something so simple, “Give yourself to me. Let go and feel what I want to do to you.” Our lips met again, my mind blowing yet again! Our kisses were so deep and connecting, I couldn’t think straight.

His hands slowly made their way over my body before pulling my top leg up under his armpit. Our kissing never stopped this entire time. He then put his top leg between mine and slipped his rock hard cock into my wet pussy. Yet another mind blowing moment! The way he moved his hips in and out of me was magical. It felt like such an out of body experience.

We started to move faster together, our lips never leaving each other. That’s when I felt it. Deep inside my stomach I felt the most intense orgasm building. I was going to cum on this mans cock and hot damn it was going to be so good! He started to move faster as my body became more tense and filled with desire.

He then whispered in my ear, “I can feel you’re close…I am too! Release with me Aly!” That did it for me! We both erupted in pure pleasure and ecstasy! My body came so hard I couldn’t even make a noise. Soft moans left my body, but not enough to scare anyone in the next room. I didn’t want to leave his arms until we absolutely had to. I was completely satisfied in that moment! Absolutely mind blowing!

I can honestly say this blog could be ten pages long with how much we did! I wanna make a part two and share how much fun we had!



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