Got Milk? Milk Enema?

I am fairly new to the world of medical fetishes, but the other day I had the opportunity to try something really new, enema play.   I love ass play as much as the next person, but lets face it…That shit can get boring after a while.  I was trolling around my usual fetish porn sites when I saw one that really struck my eye.  This beautiful Mistress was filling her slave’s ass with a milk enema.  Now, I know to some this would sound gross or weird, but I couldn’t stop watching it.

She had her sub get on his hands and knees.  He put his bubble butt nice and high in the air as she put on a pair of latex gloves and prepared an enema bag and a gallon of milk.  He begged and begged for her to fill him to the brim and I could see his cock growing more and more aroused.  She slowly inserted the tube into his ass and began to fill it.  The tube filled with the white, creamy milk and her subbie began to moan.  She empty damn near the whole gallon into his ass before slowly removing the tube.  She then began to hold a vibrator on his balls while forcing him to hold the milk as long as he could.  Then She counted back from thirty and told him to cum on the count of one as well as release the milk.

This was something I had to try!

 I shot an email to one of my callers who introduced me to medical play and explained to him what I wanted to try.  As expected, he was just as excited as I was.  He ran to the store to pick up his supplies and called me within the hour. He is such a good boy!  The echo of his bathroom made the call even more enjoyable.  My little pet filled himself with cold milk and I allowed his to lube his cock and jerk off.  I told him to hold the milk inside until he was ready to cum and release.  It didn’t take him very long, as he was pretty turned on by the cold milk swimming around inside of him.  As he let out a load moan I could a splash on his shower floor.

I don’t either one of us was expecting to be as turned on as we were.  He thanked me for my little experiment and said he couldn’t wait to do it again.  Honestly, neither can I!

Taboo Phone Sex!