Military Men have Secrets, too- Private Panty BOI

…I woke up the next morning, went for a run and left Dalton sleeping. I returned about an hour later, turned on the coffee pot and walked into my bedroom expecting him to be sound asleep. What I saw took my breath away. Dalton had made my bed, and had 3 pair of my dirty panties laid in a straight line, and a couple of my toys laid out above them with a bottle of lube tossed scantily against his pillow. He no longer had on boxers, but a pair of my pink lace bikinis. My Best friend was a sissified panty boi!?!?!?!

I walked into the bedroom quietly. Dalton was facing away from the door, and he was steadily stroking his cock. ” Hey!” I said. ” What the fuck Dalton… are those my dirty panties?” He jerked his head around and took his hands off of his throbbing cock. ” Anna I’m so I’m sorry. I ummm” He stammered. I picked my realistic dildo up off the bed ” and, what were you going to do with this?” I wiggled it at him.

Dalton’s face turned 10 shades of red. ” Tell me what you were going to do with my COCK Dalton!” I walked up to him, and touched his cock as it strained against the lace. ” I was going to …going to..”

I slapped his face with it.

“Are you a Sissy Panty BOI, Dalton? You Like wearing My Dirty Panties?”

” I like the way they feel, and the way you smell Anna” he sniveled, and he grabbed a pair of my panties off the bed and sniffed them.

I snatched the panties away from Private Panty Boi, and shoved that big rubber dick under his nose.

” Smell me, HERE, this smells JUST like my CUNT, Dalton!” He turned his sissy face away.

” Oh no no no, I catch you in my room, playing with MY rubber cocks, and going into my dirty hamper wearing and smelling MY dirty panties, and you think your going to turn away from me, you pathetic little pant fucker?”

I Pinched his nose and made him open his boi toy mouth to taste my pussy, all over that big rubber cock. Thats right!

I found out something new about my best friend, and I exploited him. He wouldn’t dare want anyone to see the pictures I took of him in those lace panties, with a big dick in his mouth, now would he? I know Private Panty Boi will never forget that weekend, and I won’t either.

*wicked giggle* Do you want to know What I made Private Panty Boi do? Let’s just say- he took it like a man…. but if you don’t ask, I won’t tell. 😉

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