Miley Cyrus sex tape scandal does not really seem like that big of a deal these days. However, it tends to bring out the perverts ready to play with not only the brunette beauty of achy breaky standards. After all, there is her blonde bombshell counterpart who loves to drum up a rootin tootin good time. Although, what would really be the cream of the crop would be both winning sides of this dashing personality. He was handsome, and he liked my cute pretend charm. Not to mention he was really into the ageplay side of the whole thing.

Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Roleplay – He Got The Best Of Both Worlds

He said he was Hannah Montana’s biggest fan. So much so that he would like to sit backstage and meet her family. However, the only other person around was cousin Miley of course. So Hannah and Miley swapped. Only, because Miley was not as famous the perv was way less nervous. He did not hesitate to tell Miley that she had a pretty teen slut mouth and it would look hot on his cock. Honestly, it made my pussy start to get a little wet. Then, when he pulled out his big dick I had to have a slice! However, it was not Miley he REALLY wanted.

Then he leaned forward turning off the camera and said he would show all of his friends. Woops.

It was the teen pop sensation Hannah. So after I slurped him up nice and wet I ran to the bathroom throwing on my blonde wig disguise. When I came out bald naked pussy showing he was salivating at the mouth. Quickly he pulled me back onto his cock slamming himself inside of me. He groaned out and I began to whimper for his giant cum load. Then, without hesitation, he quickly emptied himself inside of me. I moaned out as he filled me with his baby batter. I could feel my womb becoming with child. I was his dirty little slut now. Then he leaned forward turning off the camera and said he would show all of his friends. Woops.

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