Join Me For A Mile High Role Play! One We’ll Never Forget!

Role play is Veronica’s way of adding spice and spontaneity to any erotic encounter and a mile high role play, is no exception! I have had many roles in my life and one of those roles was that of a naughty little flight attendant! I had been working for the airline, for about 2 years, when something happened that literally blew my mind! I’d just finished seating the passengers in business class and made my way up to first class. I don’t particularly like it there naturally, as the guests tending to be a little more high maintenance, but every now and again, I meet a guest who is pleasant.

On that flight, there were only three passengers seated in first class, which made for a quiet and peacefully flight. I mean sometimes those first class folks, get a little high snobby, as I stated before, but I deal with it well!  Anyway, there was this couple in their 50’s near the middle section and a man at the end who was in his early 40’s and looked like an executive of some company or at least that was my first impression of him. The couple wanted nothing, but the executive was hard to please, shocker, I know!. He was bored or something and wasn’t happy with any of the in-flight entertainment.

He went on while I pretended to listen and gave him the once-over. He’s good-looking with dark brown hair, he seemed like the type who knew what he wanted and just took it. I had a feeling this was either going to get ugly, or something completely kinky was about to go down! Like the mile high club kind of kinky.

There were confidence and strength that wafted from him and I love those qualities in a man.

He snapped his fingers and said, “Are you listening?” I leaned forward, my breasts inches from his hands and we looked over at the couple. The woman kept yawning and the man rubbed his eyes as he tried to read. I told him “I’ll come back in a little while and see if I can find something to relieve your boredom.” I then straightened up, my hand brushing against his crotch as I moved and went back to work. I waited for a while and wondered what the executive was doing; probably thinking of me and getting hard I giggle to myself. I asked one of the other girls to keep an eye on things and I gingerly made my way back to first class.

The couple was sleeping just as I knew they would be; the man was snoring, which would help cover up any sounds that I knew I was about to make. I went to the executive and told him that I had something that would make his flight an experience to remember. He said “Good!” and grabbed my hand, putting it on his bulge and what a bulge it was. I started to kneel down, but he stopped me and began undoing his trousers. He took his dick out and I stared at how big and hard he was. He pulled me in front of him, shoved my skirt up, spun me around and viciously yanked my panties to the side. I could hear them rip, that’s how hard he jerked them and I loved it.

I put my hands on his thighs, bracing myself as his dick pushed into me and just started bouncing away.

So I got every throbbing inch of him, deep inside of my pussy and he put his arm around my waist, holding me in place. He was so big that it filled me to the max and I began to move up and down, but faster and harder than before. He moaned and I went even faster. Then He told me to keep going and I felt his dick sliding past my cunt walls, as he then grazed my clit, getting soft moans out of me, I was careful not to be too loud. My nails dug into his skin, as my hips moved with a will of their own and I could hear his breath become jagged, as I bounced up and down on him. I bit my lip and made a mental note to fix my lipstick, as I felt my pussy tighten and clench around him.

He placed his hand over my mouth to muffle my cry and he pushed his hips up, fucking me while my body. Well, I most certainly can’t give you all the kinky goods, now can I? But I tell you what, why don’t you give your naughty flight attendant a call and I will give you Mile High Hot Phone Sex, while you listen to me describe for you in GREAT detail the rest of this tale. That or we can make up our own naughty role play, you decide!