Who Out There Will Take the Mile High Fuck Challenge?

Would you like to attempt a mile high fuck?  If not done in the right way there is a chance of getting caught.  Maybe some of us like getting caught, but I think most of us out there prefer not to create embarrassing sex stories memories.    On one hand, these stories make us better more experienced individuals.

For example, my coworker Annette was what I called a spitfire.  Annette was an outgoing, competitive, sometimes disgustingly positive person who loved to get things done.  When Annette entered the room, you knew the still of any silence would be disturbed and no one would be afforded a quick nap at their desk.  Annette was married to a very meek, nervous guy named Steve.

No one expected them to date beyond a few weeks.  However, Annette and Steve proved everyone wrong.  Generally, when anyone saw them together, you knew who wore the pants, and it wasn’t him.  Three years later, they are still together and married.

So, what is the mile high fuck challenge?

To put it succinctly, it’s the challenge of fucking when in a flying transport.  Commonly called the mile-high club, I kind of like putting a spin on it and call it the mile high fuck challenge.  Annette and her hubby Steve told me a story where they went to meet her parents.  In essence, the parents lived too far to drive.  So they would have to fly to get to their destination.

By the same token, Steve was dreading the trip coming up.  Annette promised Steve a wonderful surprise if he went.  In short, Steve and Annette took that flight.  After all, Steve would never have heard the end of her nagging if he didn’t go meet the parents.

Annette’s parents lived clearly across the country.  However, the outfit that Annette wore took his mind off of his fears.  She dressed in stockings, thigh-high stockings, a tight blue top, a black skirt, sandals that showed her stocking feet, and heels.  Annette looked so hot he wanted to devour her.  It drove him crazy when she dressed for him.

He could just tell there were no panties under there!

During take-off, Steve grew very nervous.  Annette noted the anxious expression on his face.  He gripped her hand tightly as the plane gained speed and finally took off.  Soon, Steve felt much better and even started to relax.  He couldn’t stop looking at Annette’s sexy stockings.  The bulge in his pants grew as he casually caressed Annette’s thighs.

Spreading her legs, his fingers found their way under her skirt.  He confirmed what he knew, that she had no panties under there.  Annette said she was going to the restroom and gave Steve a passionate kiss on his mouth.  After he left she saw a note there on her tray that told him to come into the bathroom to help her.

Next, Steve made his way to the bathroom.  The door was unlocked as he had hoped.  He walked in.  The light was not working and was dark.  Strange, usually the lights worked.  He couldn’t see anything in front of him.  Steve’s hands and mouth did the work.  She was so soft and smelled so good.  At first, maneuvering took some work, but he squeezed down to the floor and put his head under her skirt to lick her wet pussy.  She held onto the wall, moaning and fucking his face with her pussy.

The time was not – he was so ready to burst!

Steve didn’t need anything except Annette’s pussy in his face and wrapped around his cock.  Finally, after receiving a drink of delicious pussy, he stood up and took his cock out.  He didn’t need the light to find his wet target.  His loving wife was moaning and begging for his cock.  It rather turned him on when she occasionally begged.

The wait was worth it all the agony.  Steve had never been in such tight quarters.  The bathroom on the train seemed like a step up compared to the close quarters where he was right now.  All that mattered was right here right now.  Well, this story has a twist that almost made me spit out my food when they told it to me.

They snuck out of the bathroom.  As he walked beyond the curtain of first class, Steve’s mouth dropped open.  His wife was sitting in her seat.  She was giving him the strangest look.  Then who was this woman in front of him walking hurriedly back to her seat?

I’d love to fill you in on what happened next.  Wouldn’t you rather have hot phone sex than be naughty alone babe?  Call me now and let’s have some fun!


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