Read One of My Embarrassing Sex Stories Where Awkward Turned Into Erotic Fun!

This is one of the true but embarrassing sex stories that occurred to me just a few months ago.  Who would have guessed free sex could come from such an awkward situation?  I went to the fair with some friends.  It promised to be a great day!  I dressed for the occasion with my blue jeans, a lightweight top, boots, and matching panties and bra set underneath.

The weather was perfect!  The wind blew gently, not a cloud in the sky.  We stuffed ourselves silly with fair food and yes, got on rides.  One of the rides at the fair was called the Fireball.  A name like Fireball sounded like some hot phone sex porn.  It was a ride that would take you up and spin your body around and around.  You get off the ride feeling as dizzy as if you’d just gone on a wild hot ride.

Finally, my turn came to get onto the ride.  I jumped up as there was a partition I had to straddle and put my legs on either side.  During my jump, my pants got stuck and impaled right on the crotch of my blue jeans.  I covered my mouth in shock when I realized the situation, but by then the ride started.  What could I do but laugh?  I could not have predicted this would be one of my most embarrassing sex stories.

After the ride finished, one of my friends helped me off the ride and was walking behind me when he started laughing.  

I knew instantly what caused his mirth.  He pulled me back so we could talk.  He kept jabbing at my large gaping hole in the back of my pants which was large enough to show my leg and panties.  This was so humiliating but his touch on my ass was making me hot.  I could tell he was very interested from the long slow sideways looks he gave me.

We told the others we were going to look for some pants at a nearby vendor.  We escaped the further questions by stealing away.  Instead of going to look for pants, we walked briskly to his truck.  Once in his truck nothing barred our way.  My hands found their way to the throbbing bulge in his pants.  I undid his fly to expose a meaty manhood with a big mushroom head.  His hands brushed my leg and he pulled me on top of him.

I could feel the warmth of his hands under my buttocks supporting me as I looked deeply into his eyes.  Our kiss was long and lingering.  His tongue darted my hungry mouth teasing my soft lips till they parted.  He lifted me for one second then I heard a rip as he ripped more of my jeans away.  He pulled my panties to the side and inserted his fingers into my already wet slit.  I rode his fingers as the truck started to rock.

His fingers were soon replaced by his throbbing member as he penetrated my hot depths.  

The hot friction of our bodies rubbing and the motion of the rocking truck was putting me into a frenzy.  He filled my hungry insides with his thick need.  I’m sure you can imagine how my adventurous yet embarrassing sex stories turned into something so delightful.

Perhaps you have some embarrassing sex stories with an erotic twist.  Did this story get your cock all hard for some taboo phone sex?

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