Midnight With The Spreader Bar

We’d been fucking all for hours. My pussy drenched and filled with his cum. My legs shaking were shaking and I wiped my face after the last cream pie. I couldn’t believe it was already midnight but I needed this fuck fest! After he came out of the bathroom I soon realized he wasn’t done with me. I told him I was too exhausted to even hold my legs open. Well he did me one better and brought out the spreader bar.

“Don’t worry, I have this…it’ll hold your legs open and keep that pink little pussy spread” he said.

My legs were stretched, and my pussy was so….exposed.  There was no way I could withhold my pussy with this spreader bar. I was completely vulnerable, and after he restrained my hands together, I became a submissive little fuck toy.

As I laid on the bed waiting for his next move, his heavy breathing continued. He looked so excited having me completely confined. There was no way to escape or deny him. He ran his hand up and down the inside of my legs, making me quiver, my snatch still dripping. How long has he had this spreader bar without telling me? I’m starting to feel like I can take another hard fucking from him.

“I’m not going to fuck you” he plainly said.

His back was turned to me and I didn’t understand. When he turned around with that vibrator in his hand, I felt my pussy clench. Mmmmm he really wants to make me squirt! He pressed the toy firmly on my clit and I couldn’t help but grind against it. The spreader bar was only to hold me down while he forced me to cum for him one more time. He stroked his cock as he turned the toy to the highest setting.

I rubbed against it faster and faster and right before I screamed he plunged two fingers inside me and felt me squeeze them, ready to erupt! His hand was covered in my juices. Before he set me free from the spreader bar, he licked that hand clean, every last bit.

More please?!

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