When you wake up wet with sexual excitement and find your bed empty… Only midnight masturbation will do

Sometimes I wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep, that’s when midnight masturbation is just what I need. Last night was much like any other. I lay in my bed naked, dreaming of a cock of such perfection that it jolted me awake.

I rolled over and tried to slip off into my beautiful dream again, but it was no use. There was a hunger building deep down in my loins. As I move I can feel my slick wetness all over my inner thighs. I reached out a hand and found the empty spot where my husband should be if he were in town, but as always I am left to my own devices. He would never do the trick anyhow.

I need a big substantial cock like the one I had been dreaming about.

I roll over on my back and close my eyes and I run my hands over my heaving breasts. Kneading them in my hands. My nipples were as hard as diamonds. I give them a quick pinch and roll them in my fingers, teasing them. My thighs were so slippery and wet with my arousal. I clenched them together, hoping to quell my excitement, but the way my thighs slip and slide as I move is only pulling me deeper under the spell of my dream cock.

Without a moment of hesitation, I drag my hands to my tender little pussy. Letting my fingers find my little sensitive button. It felt like it must be glowing, so sensitive, so alive. I apply a little pressure and I thought maybe for a moment I melted into the bed, nothing but a pool of sexual excitement. Once I found my bearings I rubbed that little bud, flicking my nimble fingers over it, massaging my juices into it. I lay there flicking that little bean into submission. Teasing it. Bringing myself right to the brink of delicious orgasm. Climbing higher and higher until I could no longer hold back. My climax spilling over leaving me in a puddle of my own juices.

I sure would have loved to find a rock hard cock in my bed waiting for me, but midnight masturbation will do the trick for one night.

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