Your Micro Size Dick is what SPH was Created For

So, I guess you’re small! LMAO! Gotta love a little SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)! Buahahahahaa! A man with a developmentally retarded cock is not a real man at all If you ask me. If a girl tells you “it’s not the size of the prize it’s a motion of the ocean”, she’s just lying to you. what she means to say is that your micro size dick is so very teeny tiny and worthless. And she’s looking to placate you until time she go find herself a REAL man with a REAL cock!

Now, Hon, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, honestly (NOT, LOL).  But I think a good strong dose of reality is in dire straits right about now. The fact of the matter is that you will never get any woman off with that sad thing, let alone get a hot and sexy woman to ever show you her boobs for free.

The best you can hope for is to buy her affections and company. Pretty baubles and shiny things are always good for this. And yes, I’m suggesting that you try to keep her around with your wallet. That way she can turn you into a cuckold at her earliest convenience. And of course for her and her lover’s amusement. And if you’re very, VERY lucky, you might take on the role of a sissy slut toy as well!!

Lucky for you, I am such a goddess. I’d really love to tease and humiliate you. Getting your baby dick hard and making you pull on it as I fucking laugh my ass off – well, it just gives me a special little tickle, heeheehee. You must be truly hard up for any sort of attention by now.

Admit it – your itty bitty micro-size dick was made for SPH


After all, you fail as a man and more than likely fail in every aspect of dating, living with, and dealing with women. You will cream your old man undies when we’re having a mommy phone sex session with me because hearing my voice is better than jerking off alone. Consequently, I know that you crave and need the reality check that small penis humiliation gives you… the kind that only I can bestow upon your worthless existence.

Maybe with a large wallet and some insane oral skills, you might be able to get a woman’s attention. But the fact of the matter is, that microbe you call a dick will never EVER satisfy a woman. But hey, you can always get one of those strap-ons for cock wannabes. Slips right over that mosquito bite of yours so you can try and give your woman the fucking she needs. But in either case, you best be accepting your station in life as a dickless man.

So tell me my size-challenged dicklette wonder, is that itty bitty nublette of yours throbbing with need? Are you finding that you’re in need of some serious humiliation phone sex? Then you need to call my phone sex numbers straight away!!

And remember, not all good things come in small packages, Micro Size Dick!


Your Free Sex Story & Micro Size Dick Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke