I wanted to punish the bad guys, tie them up and send them to jail. Wonder Woman has always been a hero I looked up to, and that is why I chose to dress up as her at my friend’s costume party. But growing up I learned bad guys are always more fun and instead of wanting to punish them, I would rather receive messy rough sex as a punishment towards me and watch them get pleasure from it.

Superhero Gone Slutty

Walking to the party in my tight burgundy costume and the skimpy blue skirt, I could not feel any sexier. Not even the Bisexual Holiday fuck fest made My pussy wetter than right now. I locked eyes with a particular man standing on the other side of the room. He was dressed as Joker, and I could not help but feel even more attracted to him when he raises his glass and winked in my direction. I bend down; making sure my ass was on display for him before I excuse myself. It took less than a minute before I heard his footsteps following me to the spare bedroom.

Why So Horny?

He hovers on top of me as soon as we close the door, pushing towards the bed. I always wanted to fuck someone in this costume, and my fantasy was finally becoming a reality. I just wondered if he wants the same kind of messy rough sex that I am craving too. He parts my legs and smirks, raising an eyebrow at me. “I would never think Wonder Woman would be this nasty,” the Joker says when he notices I am not wearing any underwear. “And I would never have thought The Joker would talk so much and waste time where he could be fucking me already.” His voice was so sultry, we could both taste the lust in the air.

“Why are you impatient? Is Superman not fucking you good enough?” My head falls into the pillow when his long fingers curl inside my pussy and he moves them aggressively. “Not as good as the Joker could ever fuck me,” I reply between moans and low curses. Not His smirk only gets bigger as he unbuckles his pants and frees his hard cock. “Let’s see how wonderful this pussy can really be.”

Lasso of Pleasure with messy rough sex

He teases past my puffy lips with his cock before he takes both my hands in his. He wraps my lasso around my wrists and pulls me until he can tie me up to the headboard. I let out a loud moan when he enters that same little pussy with that cock that I have been drooling for since I laid eyes on him. Messy rough sex ended up being the perfect description. His movements were crazy, deep, and sporadic. He was maniacal with every thrust, and you could see this insane pleasure as his lips curled alarmingly. It was so sexy.

The Joker tears my burgundy top right off, relieving my perky breast to bounce around at his mercy. As he unpredictably pounds away, I watch him put his lips on my breast and suck. I can’t contain myself anymore, and I just start cuming. I could feel my pussy get tight and in that same moment, his eyes met mine with that evil little smile of his. His cock throbbed for me, and when I looked down on him and my breast, I saw the lipstick. Red lipstick covering my breast. I was watching him, my wrist still restrained to the bed and he pulled his cock out of me, shooting a hot load all over my face. I watched him breathe hard.

Messy Rough Sex Leaves Me In Shambles

Anyone would catch their breath after fucking someone that hard. My lips drooled as I watched him buckle his belt and walk away. A moment passed before I realized what the most “Joker” thing he had done was. I was in this room, clothes shredded, tied to a bed, covered in red lipstick and cum. Meanwhile, his makeup is smeared making his costume better, and his cock is satisfied.


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