The holidays can be so hectic and busy. They are also a hot time of year for naughty fun. So many parties everywhere and so many people to play with at the parties. For me, it is bringing the Bisexual Holiday Fuck Fest! The parties are full of people partying and letting go of their inhibitions. That means we are all open to get wild and kinky and I fucking love it!

This year, all my friends are throwing huge parties. Now, not everyone is planning for a bisexual holiday fuck fest, it just seems to happen at the party. Once the alcohol and party supplies start kicking in, the naughty comes out. Then the games are on. Everyone is ready to fuck. If someone has thought about being with a same-sex partner, this is the night they finally do it!

That is why I love this time of year so much, Bisexual Holiday Fuck Fest!

Everyone is who there want to be, letting their true nature come out to play! That fucking rocks! All that naughty sex and debauchery happening makes for a lot of fun for this hot lady. It is the time of year for fucking, sucking and all that good stuff. As a cum slut, I love to be the recipient of all those loads. Whether a dick is cumming in me or a pussy cumming on my face, it all makes me happy.

Therefore, I am very popular at parties. Then all the new people I meet at the events fall in love with how naughty and slutty I am. Last year I worked the party circuit and fucked so much my body got fitter. I get a workout I fuck so hard! That makes me laugh out loud but it is true! Every part of my body is working during sex, especially during the bisexual holiday fuck fest.

Every party is different. My friends love to out-do each other!

Sally’s party is going to be insane. She has a band playing, catering that is off the chain and so much booze. Everyone there will be stumbling drunk and ready to get nasty. Jack and Lilly are planning to have a themed party. We all come as are favorite holiday movie characters. Silly but fun and I love themed parties where I can dress in a sexy costume. These tits need showing off and a costume can do that well.

My whole sexy body needs exposing and I am happy to wear the outfits that do that. I am trying to decide which character I will be for their party. You will have to call me to find out which one I choose. Trust me, if you call me we can discuss all the details of the parties during my hot phone sex. I promise it is like no other and you will be happy you do!

Okay, back to the fun at these holiday parties.

Not only is there the fun of the bisexual holiday fuck fest but I get to purchase new sexy clothes to wear. Of course, for the costume party, it is very specific, but for the others, I get to choose the sexiest of dresses, blouses, pants, and skirts that show off my fine ass body. Not to mention all the sexy lingerie I wear under my clothes. When the clothes are coming off, I want them to be turned on by my sexy lingerie.

I should be honest and say I love all parties, year-round. This season is so much fun because of the inhibitions dropping. However, I am a party slut. Like the Kinky Cum Whore Party, I threw at the Legion to thank all those that served. I spent that night fucking and sucking my way through all the party-goers! So many served that night.

You have to admit parties are fun. Everyone is celebrating and having a blast. Then as they get to drinking, they start getting nasty and dirty. It is so hot to see them letting go of their stigmas and stepping out to do the naughty things they want. That is what I am enjoying this year at the bisexual holiday fuck fest!


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