Menstrual Revenge Cunt Eating

When I get pissed, I get really pissed. If someone hurts me and I feel upset or angry, I always take the revenge route to make myself feel whole again. They say it’s a dish best served cold, but I served myself rare to a coke dealer after one of my boyfriends made me angry. I must say, revenge menstrual pussy eating + free cocaine = a good fucking time.

I liked this asshole, for a while we were very close and I actually thought about being exclusive! Can you believe?!! But when I found out he’d been secretly meeting up with my best friend for blow jobs and drinks and cocaine parties with college girls, you can imagine I was fuming! Where was my invite? So I took the next rational step.

I went to my so called boyfriend’s favorite bar, dressed to the nines in an extremely revealing black dress that was sliced to the navel and to the dimples at the top of my ass cheeks. As soon as I entered and sat down I spotted his little gaggle of faggot friends sitting in their usual spot, so I made sure they had a good view. I took out my phone and called my coke dealer (he’s a dirty bugger who has been trying to fuck me forever…) and told him to come and meet me.

My coke dealer met me in the bar and immediately knew something was up. “Again G?” He asked as he pressed the little pouches of snow into my hand. I ignored him of course and instead reached forward and grabbed his cock through his pants, and shoved my tongue into his mouth. He kissed me back hard and I took him by the hand into the bathroom.

As soon as we got into the toilet I made him rack a huge line up on the marble counter top, hitched my dress up and exposed my tight white pussy and round ass as I leaned over to imbibe the gasoline smelling cocaine.

He couldn’t help himself and immediately buried his face into my pussy from behind and I let him get deep before he realized I had a tampon inside me. I felt him recoil slightly but I put my hand on the back of his head, pushed him deeper and said “Take it out with your teeth…” He tentatively gripped the end of my tampon string with his teeth and I pushed it out as he gently pulled. It came out and with a plop hit his chin, leaving a bright red smear. I then guided his face back towards my pussy and made him eat. I came loudly and messily twice, and when I looked down my coke dealer looked like Carrie.

I stood up, inserted a fresh tampon, finished the pile of coke on the counter top and grabbed dear old coke dealer, pushing him out of the lavatory door and straight into the waiting gaze of all boy toy’s friends. Revenge menstrual pussy eating is always fun, and I sniffed a huge amount of free cocaine, perfect!

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