Meet Your New Mommy

My new husband is perfect! He has a great deal of money, is weak, and is under my complete control. After dating me for only a few months, he was so infatuated he put a nice big diamond on my finger. Too bad the old fuck never had a chance to my love…Well, maybe my love of money. He showers me in gifts and I shower him with other guys cum! The only time he gets to fuck my sweet young pussy is after mommy has been fully satisfied by a hung stud.

Today was the day I got to meet his sexy nine-teen year old son. I saw pictures of him all dressed up in his military uniform and I knew mommy had to fuck him. A man in uniform makes my cunt dripping wet! I even told my new hubby how attractive his son was, but I don’t think he had any idea what I had planned for our first night together. I couldn’t stop thinking about his shaved head between my legs or the sight of my pussy juice glistening off his chin.

We met up at a very nice restaurant in the city.

I wore my favorite leopard print cocktail dress. It was super short, tight, and had gold digger written ALL over it. I stood up as my new son walked to the table. His eyes got wide as he looked me up and down. He couldn’t believe THIS was his new mommy. I pressed my big tits on his chest I gave him a big hug, brushing my hand over his growing cock. We spent the evening giving each other not so subtle smiles and winks. This was going to be easier than I had thought. We left the restaurant to head home for the night. He opened up the car door for me as he cupped my plump ass with his strong, manly hand. I smiled and thanked him with a sexy little wink.

Hubby seemed a little perturbed on our way home. He had been in this situation with me before and he knew what I wanted. He also knew better than to tell me no. It’s not everyday a weak, pathetic old man gets to walk around with a piece of ass this hot. When we got home, I instructed him to go to bed and wait for me with his bedtime snack. I went up to my son’s bedroom and took off my dress to make myself comfortable. In my black lace bra, thong, thigh highs, and heel I waited for my son. He opened the door and his mouth dropped open. He seemed as if he just won the fucking step mother lottery!

Young guys have a way of stripping off their clothes like pussy hungry animals when they know they are going to get laid.

My new step son was no different. In a flash, he was in front of me with his thick eight inch cock standing at attention. I calmly began stroking and licking up and down his shaft with my soft tongue. His eagerness was disappointing, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re around other men day in and day out. I stood up and slowly slid my thong over my ass to the floor. With a playful push, I laid him down on the bed as I straddled his throbbing cock. I could feel him stretching my tight wet pussy as every inch of his cock filled me. Bouncing and grinding, moaning and grunting, we filled his childhood bedroom with erotic bliss. With my pussy dripping with fresh cum, I kissed him and told him to get some rest.

Just as he was told, hubby was patiently waiting for my return to our bedroom. Like a good boy, he got on his knees and crawled over to me. His sorry excuse for a cock was fully erect. I bent down and grabbed it as I pulled him to his feet. With a firm grip, I walked him by his cock to the bed. I sat at the edge and spread my legs, revealing a fresh stream of his baby boy’s cum. He knew what to do and got between my legs to lick up every drop until my sweet cunt was nice and clean. Nothing made him happier than knowing I was satisfied, even if it wasn’t from his old dick.

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