I’ve always had a streak of dominant to me.. Sure, I can play submissive, and I love losing control sometimes – but every now and then..it just feels good to take the reigns, and put someone under my power for a change. One day I got the chance to start doing that with my boyfriend, and it drove him insane! I didn’t know he was such a naughty boy..
It kicked off right from the second I started teasing, knowing he was waiting on the bed for me with a hard cock.. I decided to go for the ‘Mistress’ kind of look – black lingerie, lacy stockings, a garter.. and a little bag of tricks that I subtly set down by the bed. My body crawled over his, lips coming within inches of his neck, just enough that he could feel the warmth.. I bit in softly, pressing my lips against the area as soon as I released, feeling him tremble underneath.
“Tonight, you’re all mine,” I whispered, pushing his hands down into the bed as I started pressing my hips against his, knowing his cock was brushing right up against my panties. I let him feel that for a little while, grinding, twisting, making sure he could feel the wetness dripping through the panties and onto his cock..but he couldn’t do a thing about it. I could feel his frustration. When he tried to pull out of it and fuck me like he wanted, I shoved him back down, my hands grabbing at his crotch and giving it a little squeeze, nails digging in lightly. He got the message loud and clear, groaning  as I tightened my hands a little more for emphasis.
“Yes Mistress..” he mumbled,  cock throbbing in my hands as I reached down to the little bag I’d set down by the bed.. Little did he know what he’d gotten himself into.


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