I’d spent all night torturing and teasing my boyfriend.. With him pushed down onto the bed and me grabbing as his crotch with my nails every now and then, he knew better than to get on my bad side. He needed to obey for the night.. I’d been going at it for about an hour now, teasing him with a large, smooth vibrator that I’d bought recently. The cool metal had warmed inside him now, buzzing away against his prostate and teasing him to the edge. Every now and then he’d mumble, calling me Mistress and begging softly – I could tell that hard cock wanted to cum all over, but I was nowhere near done. I was just getting him to the edge. Once I knew that cock couldn’t hold out much longer.. I got demanding. I didn’t give him much of a warning before I lifted off of him, turning around and backing my soaking wet pussy up to his face.
“If you want to cum..you’re going to have to eat me out, and make me cum first.”
He took the chance as soon as he got it, knowing that it was the only way to get his release from my teasing and the buzzing dildo that I was pumping deep into his ass. He lifted his hands to slide down my panties, but I smacked them away – “You’re going to have to use your teeth.”
He groaned again, protesting – and I rolled my eyes briefly and tightened my grip on his cock, nails digging in a little more as I gave the dildo a few harder pumps. He shifted his behavior immediately, pressing his hands down against the bed and sliding the panties down as best as he could with his teeth. Face buried immediately into my pussy, his tongue lapping up against that clit and sliding in every now and them.. He knew he had to please his Mistress, so he couldn’t let his impatience do a sloppy job. Every now and then I could feel his jaw tremble from how badly that cock wanted to cum – it was soaking with precum and it took me a little extra effort to make sure it didn’t burst – which he would have been in trouble for.
But finally.. that soaking wet tongue hit the right spot, making my pussy tighten and tremble under his tongue, juices flooding on his face. He licked everything up, watching me almost expectantly, pleading with his eyes as I turned back around.
“Fine – you may cum.. but only on my stockings.”
I sat down on the bed, legs bent in front of me as I gave him a little smirk. He was torn between the disappointment of not getting a blowjob, and the chance to make a mess on the silky blue stockings he loved so much.. Giving his hard cock a few pumps, it finally exploded – bursting with cum that landed all over my stockings, dripping down pathetically.
“What a mess.. now you have to clean it up.” He started reaching for the tissue box next to the bed immediately, and I reached over to give his cock a little squeeze to stop him.
“With your tongue.”


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