Mature Sex A Glimpse Into the Future!

So you’re unsure about mature sex?  Sometimes stepping outside of the box and trying something new and spicy is a very arousing bold move.  For example, being with an older woman.  The thought of being with someone old enough to be your parent or more is oddly alluring.  Mature doesn’t mean out-of-date.  It simply means they are experienced.  Experience is the spice of life some would say.

Close your eyes for a moment and come with me into the future about twenty or so years.  Sit, young man as I spin this fantasy with you.  You’re in your last year of high school, perhaps just about to start college and you are in search of a temporary job to make some extra cash.  This is where I come in.  You see a stately woman of grand beauty standing there on my porch.  I invite you to join me for a cool drink.  In talking I offer you a job to raise some extra money.  It’s not your typical job.  You will do some light housework so if anyone asks you’re indeed working.  After some light chores, I would invite you to my bedroom so I can fetch my pocketbook to pay you.

I invite you to relax on my bed and get comfortable.  You undress before me.  Just seeing your smooth skin and muscles has me wet.  I remember how long it has been since I engaged with a nice young man like you.  Once you’re stripped bare, I come up next to you on the bed and start to kiss you.  Your cock becomes like a rock as I reach out to stroke it in my hand before moving down to take your hardness into my mouth.

You moan as I taste your arousal.  I relish the taste of your precum.  You surprise me by putting me on my back burying your face between my thighs and licking me till I cream all over your young face.  In my lust to have you, I spread my sexy legs for you to mount my body.  I moan as you enter my sweet pussy.  Being with me that afternoon was nothing like you ever experienced before.  It was enriching, loving, hot, and passionate.  Sometimes experience is more delicious!

You’re amazed to find out I’m quite mature for my age

Let’s explore all of your mature phone sex fantasies!

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