Love thy Naughty Neighbor

You are supposed to “love” your naughty neighbor, okay maybe it’s just neighbor. Isn’t that what the good book says? I know that sounds strange for me to talk about the good book when I am so goddamn bad. But I do love most of my neighbors. I especially love their husbands. Some of my gal pals in my area think I’m just the bubbling life of the party and the one who makes a helluva lasagna as well as baked goods and my ever famous champagne punch. But what they really don’t know is what their husbands are so hush hush about. I’m not your friend, honey I’m Your Naughty Neighbor.

Oh yes, I’m the one you need to look out for. I’m the one you really can’t trust with any of your menfolk whether it’s your boyfriend, your husband or your teenage son. Oh yes, I’m a cougar too. Hell, you better lock up your granddad because if he’s willing to take a little blue pill to get a hard-on for me then I will fuck him and suck his cock too. For a fee, that is. I guess that makes me a real whore. Huh? I don’t care. I call myself a whore and a slut. I’ve been one for most of my life.

I can’t help it. My uncle took my virginity from me when I was just thirteen years old. But he didn’t rape me. I wanted to fuck him. I wanted him to suck my sweet pussy and I really wanted to swallow his huge cock. My mom and dad trusted him and so did his wife.

They never knew what I slut I was even then. After that, I had a hunger for married men and anything that was considered “taboo”.

So, I hear there is a big block party down the street that my friend Suzie is hosting. Hmm… Suzie’s husband Pete has a huge cock. How do I know? I’ve sucked it many times in his garage. But this time I think I will lure Pete to come further down the block and sneak into my bedroom. While his wife is entertaining the rest of our neighbors I will bang her husband and let him pound my sweet wet pussy. Oh yes, I’m ready. I am Your Mature Naughty Neighbor.  

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