I was riding the train to go and visit a friend across the country, and the ride was turning out to be longer than I expected. My cabin was mostly private; it had curtains for both the windows and the door. I hadn’t booked a single cabin, in hopes that I could meet a sexy stranger to ‘ride the rails’ with, however, luck was not on my side that day. My cabin-mate was a 90-something-year-old man, who was sleeping so hard, I could have fucked his face and he wouldn’t have noticed.

The scenery was beautiful at first but got old quickly and I was still horny. I was thinking of ways to pass the time when I remembered that I had brought my favorite gold dildo. I grabbed my bag, called for service, and ordered a drink. After a couple of sips, I closed the blinds, put a newspaper over my cabin mate (in case he woke up), and took off my panties. I pulled out my dildo, in all of it 8” glory, and the lube and sat them on my purse.

I ran one of my hands down my stomach and over my short skirt. Lifted up my skirt and found my shaved slit. I took my other hand and played with one of my nipples. I squeezed it, gently at first, to get it more erect — then I twisted it hard. The fingers of my other hand were spreading open my lips and touching my clit in slow circles, moving down sometimes to stroke my tender, juicy pussy lips . . .

I was fantasizing about the hot train fuck that could have been, and it was making me super wet. Maybe I didn’t even need the lube? I took the hand that was playing with my tits, and I grabbed my dildo. I headed towards my pussy getting wetter in anticipation. Then I started sliding it inside me, my pussy was wet enough to forgo the lube, and I slid it in further. I kept fingering my clit, while I fucked my dido. I shoved the dildo against the train seat and used that hand for leverage. Went up and down on the dildo, one hand helping me thrust, and the other making magic with my clit.

I felt the train slow down as we were approaching the station and saw my cabin mate move in his sleep, and that made me even wetter, I better cum before we arrive and he wakes up…

Who knows why the sexy stranger on a train masturbation fantasy got me off so hard. Maybe it was that Alfred Hitchock movie (what a classic) or maybe it was this song, which I’ve always loved. Ready to have nasty adult chat and role play my strangers on a train fantasy?

You know what to do: call me.



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