Masturbation: My Obsession!

My obsession with masturbation started when I happened to find a box hidden under my parent’s bed one day. They had left me home alone and I was snooping around when I looked under their bed and saw it. When I pulled it out, I was so shocked. I had never seen anything like it. There were five or six different movies in there, and all had different pictures of people fucking or girls taking a cum shot to the face. I felt an odd sensation in my panties and I realized that I was turned on…really turned on! But there was more than just some old porn movies in that box…

Underneath was their toys! One was what I now know is a cock ring. It was rubbery circle that had a battery in it and when I pushed a tiny button on the side in start vibrating. Uncertain what it was, I put it back in the box and moved on. The next was a small bullet vibrator. It had a little box attached with a plastic knob that you could slide up the box. The higher you went the faster it vibrated. Then there was a skin colored plain dildo. But the one that caught my attention, was the large pink dildo that had a separate little vibrator on the outside. So I took the pink dildo and a porn with the front picture of a girl getting a huge cock rammed in her ass and went to my room.

I shut the door and took off all my clothes and put the movie in and laid in my bed I turned on the dildo and watched it circle around and shake with vibration.

I was already getting wet. I saw on my t.v. screen a girl with her legs wrapped around a guy’s head while he slammed his huge cock into her. So I took the dildo and let the tip slide inside of me. I could feel a vibration through my entire body. I put more of the fake cock into my pussy. The girl on the screen was moaning loudly and screaming out while the cock continued to fuck her. I was so wet that I could feel it running down to my ass. I pushed more of the dildo into me and felt the vibrator piece tickle the outside of my asshole. So I shoved the rest of the huge pink dildo into my pussy. I let the vibrator fuck my ass at the same time.

I laid there in my bed masturbating my ass and pussy at the same time while watching a man bend the girl over on my screen and he shoved his dick into her ass. I could feel my pussy tightening and I knew I was going to cum. I tried to hold back, it felt so good that I didn’t want the moment to be over yet. Then I saw the girl get on her knees and his cock shot streams of cum onto her face and into her open mouth. The sight of him showering her in his cum was too much for me to hold back.

I felt my entire body shake with my own orgasm as I came all over the pink sex toy.

After that day, any time I was home alone I became addicted to sneaking into my parent’s room and watching their naughty movies and fucking myself. Now, mutual masturbation phone sex has become one of my favorite hobbies. I love to fuck myself and listen as you do the same and lose control as we both explode together!

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