Masturbation Lessons with Mommy

Some mothers might be mortified at the thought of their son catching them in the act of masturbation…  But now me.  I knew my son liked to listen and I knew just how much it turned him on.  Sometimes, I would even leave my bedroom door cracked open so he could catch a peek.  It became so apparent that my son had a devious little Mom and Son fetish, that I decided to teach him a few things.

I’ve never been the type to think of masturbation as a dirty thing.  I even encouraged it in my household.  Wanted my boy to know how to please a woman, which meant learning how to control himself.  I didn’t want my boy to be the one the girls called a minute man or a low and go.  Wanted him to be a sensual and attentive lover.     I waited for him to come to my door, as he always does when I’m masturbating.

It wasn’t long before he showed up.

 I peered up from my masturbation session and saw him standing in the crack.  I rolled over and invited him in.  He seemed stunned, but what horny teenage boy could resist?  His cock was rock hard and i told him to take it out before it exploded.  I instructed him on how to stroke his cock, how to enjoy every sensation of his cock, and edged him until he could barely hold on.  I even teased him a bit, tickling his full balls with my long nails.  His pre cum was dripping and took some on the tip of my finger for a little taste.  The sight of his own mother tasting his cum was too much to bare.  He shot his load hard all over my face!

I couldn’t help but giggle at the look of confusion and horror on his face.  He didn’t know if I would be mad at him for loosing control, or happy for my facial.  I smiled and told him next time  it would be even harder!

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