I am a huge fan of playing with myself. Being alone is fun and with others is also a good time. Mutual masturbation can be very kinky. However, masturbation moments interrupted can piss this granny off!

In fact, my family finds it fun to do just that on a regular basis. My daughter, son, and their family members all have keys to my house. If I am not working at my granny phone sex gig, they figure I am playing.

Of course, I can be playing with myself or a friend. The family is quite stealthy at finding out if I am alone. They do not want to crash a good fuck buddy fun party.

And, they can get invited and don’t need to do masturbation moments interrupted if that is happening.

Although, it is all about crashing my fun and getting to play with me. First, I am pissy at the interruption, then I have them join me so we can finish the fun together. Everyone enjoys a little gilf sex once in a while.

You see, I enjoy pleasuring myself a great deal. I have multiple mirrors in my bedroom so that I can see myself at different angles. Furthermore, I love how sexy I am. Therefore, I turn myself on.

I don’t need anyone else in the room to get into total arousal. That is their favorite time for the masturbation moments interrupted game too. When I am completely naked and bare.

Of course, my family finds me sexy and beautiful as well.

That is the joy of an incest family, we find each other attractive and sexy. And, we get to play with each other. It is just nice to play alone sometimes. While they don’t always show up to mess with me, they try to time it right when they do.

So, that is why they continue honing their skills so they can time things just right. I enjoy edging myself and my family knows this. As I am working up to an orgasm, I stop when I am close.

Of course, the family is waiting to pounce with their masturbation moments interrupted game at the perfect moment. This is that moment. As I am moaning loudly to myself, they walk in.

Scaring me and making them very happy that they have done the masturbation moments interrupted again!

Such assholes! I almost piss myself many times over and they laugh their asses off at me as I try to catch my breath. Once, I am calm, it is time for them to strip down and play with me.

Of course, if it is my son and his wife, we are having a hot threesome. She has a sexy petite body with nice firm tits and perfect booty. We love playing together and get pretty wild.

If it is my daughter and her husband doing the masturbation moments interrupted, it can go so many different ways. She and I are more dominant, so he tends to get a pegging. And, I love her giant titties and nice big round ass.

Now, to hear all those details, you need to call me for some hot phone sex! I promise you will have the time of your life!