Masturbation In The Mirror. And I’m Thinking Of You

I spread my long legs wide, watching myself in the floor-length mirror propped against the bedroom wall. I love the feeling of the cool cotton sheets on my bare ass, and of my fingertips as I gently explore the sweet wetness that has been building all day. My nipples are hard, too, but right now my entire focus — all my energy — is flowing into these manicured fingertips that are beginning to work more deeply now, sliding and teasing my moist pussy as I watch myself dreaming of you. I love Masturbation!

 You do this to me often, you know this right? Sitting at my desk, or walking through the mall. And I am suddenly overwhelmed by a memory of you, pinning my wrists against the pillows as you drive your thick, full cock deep into this sweet pussy. Or the time you bent me over your office desk, and fucked me so hard I almost screamed, despite the fact your secretary was sitting at your desk eating her lame-ass lunch.

 Fuck I love watching my fingers sliding in and out, my pussy just freshly shaved.

  My juices are flowing now. I let my thumb dance across my swollen clit as I plunge deeper, my legs spreading wider still. Where the fuck are you right now? Can you catch this scent? Can you close your eyes and imagine these legs wrapping around you, pulling you in?
Two fingers now, and I curl my nails slightly with each thrust, sending shivers from my pussy to my toes. I wish you were here to watch me do this…to watch this masturbation while I watch myself. My hips lift, allowing my fingers to slide deeper still.  Fuck, I want you so badly right now. Filling me. Your hands under my ass, lifting me. Your teeth on these hard nipples, rough and controlling, the way you know I want it.

My thumb works my clit harder now, as a third finger plunges deeper. Fuck, I am so close to the release, but am holding back.

I am on top of you, riding our cock harder and deeper than I ever have. I am fucking insatiable, and you are so close to filling my pussy. Your cockhead is throbbing deep inside me, so I slam down on you, so deep that your balls slap my ass. You buck underneath me, and I hear your breathing almost stop. You moan softly, and I feel your cum shoot deep inside me…
My fingers thrust now, my hips rise. I watch myself in the mirror and scream your name just as the waves break through my body. Fuck! Fuck!  I drive my fingers deep and hard, feeling my pussy tighten, quiver, and tighten again. So I spread my legs wider still. I want to see my pussy, watch my fingers, see the juices flowing.
I scream your name louder now, exploding. Fuck, now I need you to call me for Phone Sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke