Masturbation games stroking your way to the finish line.

Masturbation games have got to be one of my favorite things to play and instruct. Have to love being the naughty teacher working the student over in just the way that they should be. There won’t be this five-minute jerk off game. Oh no, that is totally unacceptable. Roxy expects and will get much more out of the stroker.

No matter if the stroker is like a Dr. Seuss book, white cock, black cock, thick cock, short cock, Roxy can always show you some tricks to stroke it just the right way. And it is always more fun to get off together don’t you agree? Mutual masturbation is so sexy, and not only do I love hearing all the moans, but I LOVE watching the action in person on Skype.

The strokers that have an exhibitionist side gets rock hard at the mention of being watched. Mistress Roxy on the other side of the camera, instructing and watching drives you so crazy. First of all, it is perfectly normal to be turned on by the instructor. Especially when we play the famous five. Including the controlled ring game and the count up move, Roxy brings into play. Watching that mouth open and pre-cum leaking out makes me wish I could crawl through the screen.

Rather than playing that old up and down with some lube routine, Roxy will take your self-controlled cock game to a whole new level. Techniques you can master in addition to the mistress watching on cam. As a result of my games, the stroker will be able to experience ejaculation like never before. There is something to be said for self-control! Let me take you on a wild masturbation ride, to a spunktacular finish.

Best Phone Sex!