Masturbation Pushing the Buttons

The perfect way to experience masturbation on a kinkier level is when you get caught and don’t care. I teeter totter back and forth with the idea of getting my locks changed on my bedroom door. I love exploring masturbation anytime of the day and anybody could walk in on me at my most vulnerable moment. You know what I’m saying. Right in the middle of having a most mind explosive orgasm I won’t do it anytime soon though; it can be lots of fun when you’re caught by the right person.

My jeans and panties lying in a pile on the bed, my feet resting on them while I had my legs wide open. My pussy had been throbbing all day and I was dying to finally fuck myself. My pussy lips were already wet from juices that had leaked out of me. My handy little B.O.B ( Battery Operated Buddy) was shaking in my hand, as I turned it to the next speed. I was so fucking horny that I wasn’t even going to bother with foreplay, I went straight for pussy pounding. I was so focused on pounding my hungry twat, that I forgot Gavin was coming over to borrow some DVD’s. Maybe it slipped my mind or maybe I did it on purpose. I had left the front door open for him. I was pushing handy little buddy into my snatch, when I saw him standing in the doorway. Startled and embarrassed he went to say something. But he just shut up when he saw what I was doing and stood there stunned.

I could feel the vibrations teasing my lips and shoved the vibe in deep, not caring that was watching me. I groaned as it stretched and filled my pussy, finally giving me what I needed. I began pumping it in and out of me and panted as he came closer to me. I saw a bulge in the front of his jeans and took him he should have some fun, it’s always better when someone’s watching. He seemed shy at first but got more confident as I fucked myself until juices ran down my crack, staining the sheets under me. I tried to slow down, as he pulled his dick out of his jeans. Slowly he wrapped his fist around his throbbing cock and enjoyed the experience. I didn’t want to cum too soon. I started teasing my pussy with the vibrator, as he began to jerk off. My pussy was aching so bad, as I groaned loudly. We looked at each other, getting beyond turned on and began losing control. I shoved my handy BOB into my drenched pussy quick, ramming it deep inside me, as his fist pumped his dick.

Gavin was jerking his dick in perfect rhythm, as he watched me. Just as he was about to cum, I made him stop. “Take your hand away from your cock!” I gasped, as my pussy pulsated with multiple tremors. I came hard, as my was still deep inside my pussy. He was on the edge of cumming again but I wanted to push him further; make him so desperate to cum that he’d be on the verge of losing his mind. I wanted to take advantage of my whole multiple orgasm thing. Let’s face it, multiple orgasms is one of the best things about being a woman.

“Mmmm, not yet.” I murmured as, his movements became more erratic. I knew he was close to shooting his load. He groaned with frustration but slowed down to make me happy. More pre-cum oozed out of him and slid down the head of his cock, as a look of desperation spread on his face. “Yeah, just like that.” I told him, encouraging him to go slow. He was swearing under his breath and I could see his muscles clenching from how hard he was trying to hold off his orgasm. I titled my vibrator deeper and pressed the tip hard, vibrating it against my clit. It only took a few seconds before I let out a loud gasp and pushed myself over the edge.

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