Masturbation as a schoolgirl

Masturbation in the beginning on one sunny afternoon. I decided to up the masturbatory ante and shoplifted a sex toy from the neighborhood Rite Aid. I was super curious about them but I was far too embarrassed to buy something so personal from a local store clerk. Plus, we live in pretty small town. Believe me, I can name every girl in school who has a cervical cap and exactly how much KY Becky Sue mysteriously goes through every weekend. Jail-time was a much smaller risk.

After it’s procurement I ran home and stuffed the batteries from my father’s emergency flashlight into it. Then, there was a momentary pause to consider what lay before me. Sure, I’d seen a million videos on the internet of women practically spontaneously combusting from vibrator-induced orgasms but jamming something that sounds like a chainsaw between your legs for the first time can sure test a girl’s self-pleasuring resolve.

I turned it on and it felt kind of cool in my hand. I put it against my inner leg. Hmmm. That was not bad at all. I placed it on my sweet little honeypot and I let it haphazardly meander around for a minute or so, just inconstantly circling certain strategic areas before I swooped in and got down to the serious business at hand. The more I  circled, the more custard my pot seemed to be producing.

This was going to be the beginning of a very special friendship.

By the time I arrived at the Holy Land, my outer lips were puffed up like mountain bike tires. I gently dragged the buzzy tip around the outskirts of my sopping penis pit.By the time I ventured into my honey makers inner sanctum, it was already sopping wet.

Want to find out what happened next on this masturbation session?

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