Masturbation.. Bailey discovers Wonderland

Masturbation always had seemed like a bad thing that good girls didn’t do. I didn’t get into masturbation until I was a little over 15. I just always said, “No! You’re a good girl Bailey and you give yourself VERY good advice.” But, I knew that I very seldom followed it. Especially since I was going through a growth spurt. My tits grew round and full… I was shaving my pussy to keep it smooth and I had strange feelings down there.

One day whilst studying for a History test (with a book that had NO pictures in it, mind you!) my nipples kept getting hard. I tried everything to make them stop but I just couldn’t get them to stay down. I stood up and went over to my mirror that hung on my wall. Looking into it I saw my nipples sticking out of my shirt so I reached up and pinched them, it felt good. I didn’t know what to do though! I was a good girl.. if anyone knew then surely they’d have my head.

I turned away from the mirror but something from deep inside me was calling my name to look back to the mirror. I turned around and saw myself… taller, fuller, softer… I took my shirt off and my perky tits jiggled with delight. Then my skirt and panties were on the floor. “Curiouser and curiouser,” I said quietly as I took the mirror off the wall and laid it on the floor. I squatted over it and saw my very pink and smooth cunt. I then ran my hand over it and felt that it was incredibly wet.

“Come now, Bailey! You mustn’t! Oh! How much I have grown. Soon enough I won’t be able to fit into this house anymore. Then what? I’ll be the giant stuck in her house and probably naked! And my puss is quite ripe and wet..” I took two fingers and rubbed my clit and stared into the mirror… who was I now? A woman… a woman who stared into the garish light of masturbation and would cum for the first time. For this was my tale of my own looking-glass and what I found there. (An orgasm is what I found there!)

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