Guided Masturbation

Masturbation is a great way to de-stress. Call your phone sex Mistress, Genie and let me guide you all the way. Take off your clothes.  Now give your left nipple a squeeze with your right hand. Feel that? Squeeze it hard enough to say “Ouch”.  Good. Give your balls a nice squeeze. Your cock should be getting larger. Let’s make your manhood grow. Lay down on your bed or sofa and prop your feet up. Take the lubricant and pour a good amount in your left palm and rub your hands together until the lubricant is nice and warm and greasy.

Feels good, huh? Now take both hands and give your balls a nice hard squeeze. Yea, baby. Feel that cock pumping juice and getting harder. Now take your right and grab just the base of your cock right about your balls and squeeze it gently. Take that and screw it back and forth like you’re opening a jar of jelly that’s stuck tight. Back and forth and back and forth take your greasy hand and stroke the base of that cock.

Imagine it’s my hand stroking your cock. Feels so good.

Now take your left hand and stroke that cock up and down and up and down with your hand and imagine that cock is in between my big, soft, milky tits. Nice and slow. Up and down. Not too fast.  Squeeze your cock a little tighter as you stroke it up and down and imagine me squeezing my big tits on your cock while you push it through. Now take your thumb and swirl it around on that fat mushroom head and imagine my tongue licking and sucking that head while you thrust that cock between my tits.

My sexy, sultry voice on the phone will guide you all the way. I’m stroking my clit with you and thrusting in 3 fingers. I’m squeezing my tits with you and sucking my own nipples. I am here to cum with you, baby. Call us when you truly crave GUIDED MASTURBATION.

The Best Phone Sex!