Finally, The Doctor told me that this was the final clip with me masturbating. He handed me a futuristic dress and I put it on. He then says the trigger word and I instantly fall under his control again. I stand there hypnotized as he tells me that I am to be a sex robot that was reprogrammed to be an official spokesperson against robots and that he is going to play a Congressman. He also tells me a few more things that are going to happen and he promises to reprogram me.

The Doctor says the trigger word again and I start to act like a spokeswoman who is demanding for them to stop allowing the production of robots because they are taking jobs away from people. In the middle of my argument, I begin to malfunction. I reach down into my blouse and open what appears to be a hidden access panel where I yank out a handful of wires. I begin to stumble on stiff wobbly legs as a robot would and then I collapse to my knees and topple to one side and shut down, repeating that I am a perversion. So not only am I hypnotized to be a robot, but now I’m a crappy malfunctioning robot.

The Doctor “reprograms” me and I sit up and now I’m a sex robot that is begging to be used. I grab a dildo and start sucking on it, getting it all wet in my mouth. With my other hand, I pull my red panties to the side and start playing with my pussy, making it all wet and ready for something to be stuck inside it. I continue to finger myself and The Doctor urges me to cum. I orgasm so hard and intense, but I do not stop playing with my clit because he has not ordered me to stop.

The Doctor then orders me on my knees and he holds the dildo in his hands. He orders me to suck it and I start giving this toy the best mouth job I have ever given . I continue this as he orders me to finger my pussy. I do both these actions until I cum so hard and the rug is soaked from my pussy juices. He then says the trigger word for one last time, releasing me from my hypnosis and his control. I am now drenched with sweat and giggling from the feeling from all those orgasms I had through the whole day.

After that, all I wanted was a bottle of water and a bed to fall asleep in. Whew! Was I tired!