I long, ache and desire to be Master’s good girl.

First, his hand slides between my legs, like silk, from behind my naked sleeping body. He walks up to me, softly letting his fingertips trace over the soft flesh of my inner thighs. Then as my first tingles of arousal start. He trails his teasing fingers over the curve of my hips—I naturally respond by arching my back and pull my ass up for him to do his will. My body is unable to resist chasing his warm touch, which always makes Master’s good girl tingle all over.

His hands seem so large and needy when they are on me.

Whether he is using the light, gentle touch to trickle down my arm, or brushing my hair behind my ear, he ignites my passion every time, but it’s when he wraps his fingers around my long locks tightly. That is when Master’s good girl is in danger of actually setting ablaze right then in his presence.

He walks around the bed, taking his time, as he does nothing faster than his own pace.

As a result, there is simply no rush, despite my body almost screaming out of its selfishness, demanding his naked body next to me immediately. I am his obedient sex slave and would never make my demands known to him. He stops by the side of the bed and finally meets my hungry eyes. Eyes that have longed for the sight of him and are now scanning his body as he undresses painfully slow. His eyes have captured mine. He was daring me to drop my gaze, from his endless sparkling blue pools the fires of lust building in them and their wickedness glistening like crashing waves.

I couldn’t help it, call me a brat.

I reach out and wrap my hand around his raven ponytail, around the rubber band holding it in place, sliding it from his hair and setting the glorious mane free. Not without a little tug first, of course. Then with a final mischievous act, I drag my nails down his tan, smooth back. I know Master’s good girl is in for some punishment now. I know this will incite something in him, the challenge rising, a call to punish the disobedience. He doesn’t move or speak for what seems like an eternity. The tension is almost a physical presence in the room, like an electricity coursing across my flesh, entering my body with spasms deep inside my cunt. Finally, he turns to look at me…his eyes a cold crystal blue.
“Spoiled. Little. Bitch. You know you’re going to pay for that.”

I long for and await his correction and discipline.

My eyes can’t hold the piercing, accusing gaze of my Master’s any longer. He knows me as Master’s good girl, but there is nothing more to discern in my eyes than complete submission to his will. I look down, his words heightening my sense of arousal. I whisper ever so softly, “Sorry, Master.”

He turns, hands like lightning, reaching out and suddenly wrapping around my neck. As a result, effectively restraining me. Loving my suffering and loving me enough to give me the pain I need and want.
“Shh… No talking.”

He silences me with his hot mouth enveloping mine.

Our tongues dance, and I can taste his need for me on those lips. There is no fighting it. I’m set free. He aims his weapon at my soft wet pussy and penetrates with all the ferociousness of one set to punish with a brutality and preciseness of a true Master. I get lost in the rapture of his possession of me. Meeting on the blissful pleasures of heightened emotion, where words are nothing and feeling is everything. There’s nothing more to say.

Finally, he fills me in one ramming thrust.

I know not to cry out in pleasure or pain, of course. We stay connected with my hot flesh wrapped around his, and my arms weighed down by him above me. His beautiful punishment was restraining me, consequently setting me free as he holds me down. I empty my feelings into him, but most importantly, he fills me with his cum. He punishes me with the most glorious of prizes, exercising me by exercising no restraint. I am certainly Master’s good girl and always will be.

Cum let me be Master’s good girl, or you could always be Mistress’s good boy. A little of my humiliation phone sex goes a long way with tiny dicked losers like you. I’ll have you begging for more.