Have you ever experienced masturbating under hypnosis? I have and let me tell you, it is very interesting, unique, and fun. I did this video shoot a while ago where I was coaxed into masturbating through hypnosis. I had never believed in hypnosis, but after that shoot, well The Doctor made me a believer!

I am already a super horny, naturally submissive girl. I was extremely excited and ready to go the minute The Doctor explained to me what the first “session” was all about. The idea to be rendered into a state which would allow me to shed of all my inhibitions and shyness and be driven into blissful submission was extremely pleasing to me. I was so ready to drop myself into mindless obedience and submission.

The Doctor used a pocket watch to place me into the desired state of mind that I needed to be in. I fell under his spell and became his slave. I could hear and feel, but not do anything of my own free will. My body was limp, unable to perform on its own without direction. He played with my limp body, moving and pulling on my limbs gently. He performed eye checks to make sure I was under his control.

Under The Doctor’s control, I was forced to have multiple orgasms, one right after the other. My body went into immediate lustful convulsions every time he ordered me to. Then he had me drop to my knees for more intense “torture.” I was unable to stop masturbating and I was unable to reach orgasm now because he would not allow me to. I got to experience what it was like to be under somebody else’s control completely, and once he allowed me to cum, I found out that  he also had control over the length and intensity of my orgasms.

After that, The Doctor put me in imaginary bondage while orgasming. I was taken to an intense sexual height which made me beg and scream while a Hitachi was used on me. Through it all, I still had no control over my body. At the end, when he awoke me from my hypnosis, my body was sweaty and quivering with uncontrolable shakes. I had to admit that I never came like that before in my life.

And that was only the beginning…