As I screamed he laughed louder. Pushing me against the bed as I felt his hands sliding down the front of my pants. “STOP! STOP IT!” I cried out. He merely laughed louder. I felt my panties slide to the side as his index finger plunged into my trembling wet slit. I gasped, panting, clinging to his large body as his weight pressed me harder into the wall.

I screamed louder and louder till I felt hoarse. I was loosing my voice, “OH NO!” I thought. What if no one can hear me down here. Nothing but darkness filled my thoughts, my mind as I struggled against him.

He pushed me down the wall and onto the cold floor. I could feel him pulling off my form-fitting pants. His mouth exploring each inch of my curves. I had no control, I was stunned and confused. “What is he going to do? Can I get away?” Male voice, “You’ll never leave without my permission girl!” He said in a dark booming voice. I gasped, “How can he hear my thoughts?” I leered through my blind folds.

I was on fire, raging mad. “Even my thoughts aren’t my own!” I screamed in my mind. “That is correct girl, I am Master over you and you will address me so! Do you understand girl?” I whimpered, nothing was mine now. I was His, all His and nothing I could do would change that. I spoke in a soft sub-servant like voice, “Yes, Master. I, I mean… this girl is Yours to command.”

“Good girl.” He whispered, and the sweet torture continued…