Master says….

Master says I must follow his rules. Anything he says goes. I must always present myself to him on my hands and knees with my head bowed down and my hair pulled back. If I look him in the eyes when I am not told to do so. Master says it is a sign of disrespect and that I have to be punished when I disobey my master.

My master is far from gentle when he punishes me. One of his favorite things to do is to tie my hands and feet tied to a bed in a position with me on my stomach. Then he will trace his leather wrapped paddle across my ass and back all the way up and down to my bound hands and feet. Then my master slowly works his way to my ass and begins to paddle me hard. He loves leaving red marks and welts on my ass he says it is to teach me a lesson.

Sometimes he likes to play with hot candle wax. He will make me lay on my back naked on his torture table and will make me stay completely still as he begins to pour the hot wax down my hard nipples letting it flow down either side of my breasts. If I move and he sees it he will take the hot wax and pour it down the front of my pussy slit and watch as it drips all the way down to my ass crack.

Master says I must obey. His rule is law and if I break his laws I will be punished.

He also enjoys watching the helpless painful faces I make as he shoves a big dildo in my ass and attaches it to a fucking machine and puts it on fast speed.

Wanna come play as my master and make me obey you?

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