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A few weeks ago, I trained the neighborhood housewives on prostate milking. By the end, each wife felt comfortable shoving their fingers up their husband’s ass and inducing massive cum spasms. At the end of the session, each husband guzzled another man’s cum. Then, the wives asked me if I would introduce them to BBC. They wanted their small-dicked husbands to watch, suck, and clean-up.

I happily arranged for a dozen of my BBC fuck buddies to come over the following Saturday for a suburban fuck-fest. That day the ladies came dressed only in lacy bras and short skirts with no panties. To my surprise, each husband was wearing lipstick, cut off tee shirts, and panties.

Everyone looked astonished when they walked into my house and saw twelve black men stroking thick BBC cocks ranging from 8-12 inches in length.

I made each husband kneel and then bound their hands behind their backs using zip ties.

Standing behind their husbands, each wife pulled a number out of a bowl. Based on the number they picked, the wives choose a BBC fuck buddy. The look in their eyes just knowing their new BBC fuck buddies would be sending massive cum spasms soon enough.

My studs walked up to the wives and their husbands. I told each wife to pull their husband’s head back. Then my studs stuck their BBC into the mouths of those kneeling man-bitches. They are now just BBC cuckold sluts!

My boyfriend took pictures, and I video-taped the fantastic sight of a pathetic group of little-dicked white husbands getting face fucked and humiliated in front of their wives. It was erotic to watch each husband’s cheeks pop out and show the outline of a thick, juicy cockhead. It was even more erotic to see the husbands start to enjoy as they tightened their lips and pushed their faces forward.

After a lot of gagging and sucking, twelve spit-covered BBCs were ready for fucking.

By that time, the wives were soaking wet, and several of them even squirted while watching their husbands get used.

I made the kneeling husbands face their wives. They watched while each wife fucked their chosen stud. Then they watched when those still-hard bulls fucked a different wife. Finally, they watched the perpetually hard bulls pair up to double penetrate each wife.

When done fucking, my studs stuck their slick cum covered BBCs into the mouths of the now hungry man-bitches. Each husband enthusiastically sucked those cocks clean and then crawled over to their wives to eat them out. Watching them lick asses and pussies to slurp and suck cum out of them was so erotic. My boyfriend and I had to stop filming to take a fuck break in the middle of my living room. After 15 minutes of clean-up duty, my studs were hard again.

I unbound each husband and laid them flat on the floor.

I told each wife to pick someone else’s husband and plant their asses on a new face. Then the ladies pulled their partner’s legs back, and my bulls came in hard with their swollen BBCs and violated those asses. The screams of the violated men turn me on more than anything.  As a result, the wives squirted and transferred cum and other stuff from their asses into 12 greedy mouths. So dirty, so fun.

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