Massaging your beautiful body turns me on!

On the edge of an orgasm, with my body still slick and covered in oil, I get up from the massage table and tell you it’s time for a massaging you’ll never forget!

Since you began my massage with only a t-shirt and underwear, I grab the hem of your t-shirt and push it up and off of you.  Next, I slide my hands into the waistband of your underwear, very slowly pushing them down your thighs and legs until you’re able to step out of them.  I tell you to lie down on the table.

Pouring an ample amount of the still-warm oil over your backside and onto my hands, I begin massaging your shoulders and your back.  Slowly, I work my way down to your ass, kneading it forcefully before moving down to deeply rub your thighs, calves, and feet.  You tell me how good it feels and I respond, telling you it will only get better.

Once your entire backside is oily and tingling from my hands, I tell you it’s time to turn over.

Again, I reach for the oil, but this time I pour it on your shoulders, chest, stomach, groin, thighs, and legs.  This time, I start with your feet and work my way up your calves and thighs.  Although my hands are aching to wrap themselves around your cock, I pause and crawl up onto the table, straddling you.

Massaging you feels so good.

Looking into your eyes, I begin to massage your shoulders and work my way down your chest and stomach.  Anticipating my next move, I lick my lips and your semi-hard cock becomes fully erect.  I see lust in your eyes and know you’re aching for me to wrap my hands around your shaft.  Making you wait, I reach for the oil and pour it into my hands.

Lesbian Phone Sex!