Massage Parlor Sex With London – Happy Endings Really Can Cum True!

Massage parlor sex with a happy ending. I pull my hair back and throw it up in a messy bun, dressed in black and pink scrubs that hug every curve of my body. Walking over to my client I ask “Are you ready for your massage sir?” He stands and shakes my hand with a gentle smile, kind eyes meeting mine. Walking to the back of the parlor, showing him his room, I direct him on what to do. “Please take off your clothes to the point you’re comfortable, lay down on the table then cover yourself with the sheet.” I walk out of the room giving him time to get undressed and gather some supplies.

Knocking on the door to see if he was ready for me I hear “Come in” from the masculine voice behind the door. “Hello Sir I’m London and I’ll be doing your massage today. Is there any areas you would like to work on?” He lifts his head to look at me obviously nervous to be nude in front of me even though he’s covered by the sheet. “I do a lot of running, so my legs and my knees”.

I begin by washing my hands in warm water so they won’t be cold when I touch him.

Grabbing some lotion, I rub my hands together and begin by massaging his feet, rubbing along the ball of his foot and up his arches. I can hear him moan. He has such a sexy masculine moan it tightens things low in my body. Slowly I work my way up his ankles to his calf. I can feel him relaxing letting the massage calm his tight muscles. “Am I putting too much pressure, Sir?” I ask so I can do my job properly “No you’re doing great!” That makes me giggle. I look up to see the smile on his face. We both giggle for a good moment when I realize his cock is rock hard beneath the sheet.

Blushing to the realization that I turn him on. “Is that for me?”

He blushes in embarrassment “I’m sorry I know this isn’t that kind of massage parlor.” I ignore the statement and continue his massage working up his inner thighs. His cock stands straight up. I can tell he’s big from the tent size of the sheet. For just a moment I think no one would ever know. Sliding my soft hands higher I grab his cock. His eyes shoot open and look at me for a second.

He moans so loud it’s so hot. I keep stroking him harder and faster. “Oh fuck London you’re so hot” he screams as cum shoots all over my hand. Hot and sticky squirts of cum, his massive load all over me.

How would you boys love to have some massage parlor sex with London?

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