Massage Parlor; They Always Have Happy Endings With Jillian

I have this awesome girlfriend; Kristy,  that works for a massage parlor out in Cali. I always wondered if they gave happy endings at the end of the massage. I went into her one day to have some knots in my shoulders worked out when I decided to ask. She smiled at me and just kept massaging. When we were done and finally alone she confessed that she has given happy endings a few times! I was so excited by this!

I begged her to let me help her with her next massage. He was a client in his mid 30’s that came in twice a week for a “massage”! She told him that she had an extra present for him today. When she brought him into the room I was lying on the bed in just my thong and bra. He stopped dead in his tracks and then got the most cheesy grin on his face.

I moved from the bed as he undressed and laid down on his back. Kristy started up at his shoulders as I made my way up his legs. We ended up meeting in the middle at the same time. He was hard before we even got there. I quickly bent over and wrapped my mouth around him. He jerked slightly as he gasped loudly. He wasn’t used to anything more than a good tugging for his happy ending. I knew this was going to be fun.

Kristy moved down to his balls as I started to move my mouth up and down on his cock. He was gripping the sheet he was lying on very hard. The faster I moved the more excited he became. His hands flew to my hair as he neared his release. I stopped sucking him for just a moment so that he wouldn’t blow too fast. Wanted this happy ending to last just a little bit longer.

I picked my speed back up as Kristy slipped a wet finger into his ass. There was no turning back from this now! He was leaking precum so hard, I could taste that salty goodness. He gripped my hair harder and then let out the most amazing moan ever as he filled my mouth with cum. After he was done emptying himself into my mouth I looked up at Kristy and kissed her hard, passing half the load to her. The look on his face was priceless!

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