Married woman cheats with a lesbian.

Married woman cheats with a hot lesbian. Her hair is gold in the sunlight her eyes blue like sapphires. Long luxurious legs and I couldn’t help but wonder if she is bald in between. Her gaze was hot and steady on my face. She had the look of desire in her eyes. Her pale soft skin looked so touchable at that moment, and all I could think is I am married and it would be so naughty to give in to this temptation. I walked over to her and introduced myself, and as I did the aroma of her scent drifted off of her skin like Christmas on a cool winters day.

Her smile was so inviting her voice soothing like chimes blowing in the soft breeze, and at that moment I would have done anything to feel her soft hands upon my skin. She shivered as if she was cold stepping closer to me looking for shelter from the cold winter breeze. I wrapped my arms around her without thinking, she was shivering when I planted a kiss on her silky soft lips. A little shocked at first to my abrupt kiss, but then she kissed me back deep with so much passion she made things down low tighten in my body.

She grabbed my hand leading me to the barn to get away from the cold blistering wind. We got inside and she walked up to me so confident in what she was doing, grabbing me behind the neck she pulled me in and kissed me thoroughly and her hands began to wander over my body. She stripped me of my jacket with liquid motion all the while still kissing me with such fire. We were completely naked when she stopped for a moment.

Stepping back and looking at my naked body with approval and lust on her face.

Putting her mouth around my rock hard nipple and sucked hard looking me in my honey brown eyes and whispered ” your not married tonight, your mine” My body shivered eyes closed and she slid her fingers inside me.

Stay tuned next week for the rest of my story about a married woman and her newfound lesbian lover.