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After this amazing married man ate my pussy he bent me over the couch. I could feel my cum dripping down my legs as he had my ass in the air. I expected him to go straight inside my box but that’s not what he did. Can you guess what he did? He took his tongue and fucked my asshole with it. Licking hard and fast until I felt like I was going to go insane!

As soon as he pushed me to my eruption point he stopped. He left me right at the edge and enjoyed watching me beg for more. I didn’t want him to stop! I needed him to touch me again but he just wouldn’t. That’s the moment I felt his cock head pushing against my pink lips. I waited about to start begging when he slammed inside of me! He pushed his cock in hard and fast. His hands dug into my hips as he gripped me harder. I had no choice but to scream in pleasure! I wanted his secretary to hear me 😉

Just like he did while he was licking my ass, he stopped fucking me. He pulled out and started to laugh. He knew he was making me insane for him! “Please stop teasing me! I need you to keep fucking me! I’ve got to pleasure you the way you did me. Please!” I was begging and pleading now! Man did this married man have a naughty streak!

I again felt his head press against my asshole.

His cock was still rock hard and slippery from my pussy. “Are you ready for my cock baby girl?” I moaned my answer! He ever so slowly pushed inside of my tight hole. God, I was aching so bad! I reached underneath myself and started to rub my clit. I wasn’t going to last long with him in my ass, and I knew he wouldn’t either. As his movements became rhythmic and steady, we both got closer to our release. I felt him start to pulse inside of me, and that’s what made me climax yet again. I finished as he emptied the rest of his load inside of me.

You better believe I went back a few more times for his “advice” and help on my taxes 😉

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