Married Fuck Buddies are so fucking AWESOME! I have many and they are perfect for a slutty pervert like me. I Know mine are miserable at home- or at least that is what they tell me. I don’t care. I just love when they come begging for my twisted dirty special love. One was here last night. Poor pathetic guy. I treat them like crap and they just want me more. This guy wanted me so bad and I made him beg for it…

Like usual,  he texted begging for time with me. Of course he has to sneak out, he cannot piss off the old wifey. I told him if he better bring me a gift, booze and some Thai food. Poor dude. He told me he didn’t have much time, but I made him wait. I let him get naked and stroke his cock while I tried on the dress he bought me. He begged to take a peek at my pussy. I gave him a quick look  and ate the food before I let him eat me out He gave me great head and then we banged until wifey texted him. His trip to the store was taking too long. The loser told his wife he was so sorry and promised he was on his way home. Then he apologized to me. I told him he just better make it up to me. I will probably fuck him hard with my strap on to punish him.

I didn’t mind one bit when he left. I got fucked hard and scored a hot dress & delicious meal. I can go back to my records and my booze and I don’t have to play nice with him like his wife has to.

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