Hilary and I are going to a party tonight. Our friend, Mary is the one throwing it. We are both excited to see our friends and cut loose for the night. Of course, I am not expecting the married dom couple.

Mary is like Hilary and me as far as kinky goes. She loves having fun and getting wild. In fact, we have threesomes with her all the time. So, anyone she is inviting will not be a huge surprise.

However, the extremely sexy couple zooming in on me, the moment I am arriving is a huge surprise. I first notice them as Hilary and I are doing our rounds at the party to say hi to all our friends.

That is how I first run into the married dom couple and Mary introduces us.

Although I couldn’t help seeing them following me with their eyes, I am finally meeting them. Jessie and Jax are their names. And, they are super sexy and giving off a powerful vibe.

Of course, the submissive in me is immediately feeling an attraction. Mary walks away after introducing us and the three of us continue the small talk. At first, none of us mention the elephant among us.

However, it is obvious to all three of us that I am a submissive and they are a powerful married dom couple. My pussy is so wet just being near them. And, I can tell I am affecting them as well.

I don’t normally play with couples unless it is in an orgy pile.

Don’t get me wrong, I am good at having a married fuck buddy, or, a dom mom that I am babysitting for. So, maybe it is time to add in the fun of having this sexy couple claiming me as their sub!

As we are chatting, Hilary comes over and grabs me. She tells me one of our friends that have been away forever is here. I say goodbye and go with Hilary. All night, the couple and I continue making eye contact.

Every fiber of me wants to know more about this married dom couple. And, I can tell they are curious about me too. Finally, we end up on our own on the patio.

Jessie is straightforward and says it like it is.

She says, “Jax and I find you unbelievably sexy and are curious about having you as our sub.” I smile and say, “I find you both intriguing and I am curious about you as well.”

As we sit there looking at each other, the tension is insane. Jax is rubbing his crotch and tells me to stand up, and come over in front of him. I do as he tells me. Jessie then tells me to get down on my knees between his legs.

This married dom couple is so hot! Jax then tells me to take out his cock and suck it. She tells me not to stop, even if others come out and start to watch. Of course, I do as commanded.

His cock is huge and, now, I am even more impressed by this married dom couple.

As I am sucking his cock, she is pushing my head down on it. He pulls my tits out of my dress and starts fondling them. I hear voices behind me as others are coming outside. I do not stop.

Jax and Jessie are kissing each other as I am servicing him, and the other guests are watching the show. It is just the beginning of our first wild night as Jessie starts taking off her dress.

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