Married cheating wife gets an online date.

Married cheating wife gets fucked. Deborah was a good looking woman a mother of two and married for 10 plus years, and one day she decided she needed to do something to make her feel alive again. She went online and looked up hook up sites for married men and women. Deborah came across a profile she likes absolutely intrigued and couldn’t wait to meet this fine man.

Upon meeting the married man of her dreams she said good-bye to her husband as he went off to work acting as she would any other day giving nothing away, but inside she was beaming. His name was Darrien and he was beautiful milk chocolate skin perfect white teeth a smile that could dazzle you right out of your panties. Deborah sent a text to him to let him know that it was safe to come over, adrenaline running through her like she hadn’t felt in years. What feels like forever has gone by before there was a knock at the door.

Blushing as she reached for the door handle taming her hair frantically with her hand making sure she looked perfect, the door opens and he stands in the doorway looking oh so dark and dangerous. Hi, she says with a tremor in her voice nervous to be standing in front of what seemed like a sex god. Darrien walked inside making Deborah step back almost too fast. He caught her just as she was about to fall. He looked her in the eyes and kissed her passionately on the mouth exploring her with his tongue.

Darrien pulled away breathless looking down at the woman in his arms he could tell she was seeing stars.

Deborah straightens regaining her composure from the amazing kiss she had only heard about in movies. She leads him to her room with almost a bounce in her step knowing what is going to happen next. “Are you new to cheating?” He asked with a voice designed for sex and bringing a woman to her knees, God he was beautiful. Deborah looked Darrien in the eye and said: “Let’s not talk about cheating, let’s pretend it’s just you and me.”

Falling to the bed nude her breasts bounce and he nipples harden to a point. She wanted the milk chocolate eye candy standing nude in front of her his cock hard against his belly button. Darrien laid on top of Deborah she could feel his massive cock pressed against her soaking wet. He starts to push himself inside of her moaning, Deborah becomes undone.

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