Babysitter Sex Stories: They wanted me to spice up their marriage.

Everyone loves babysitter sex stories! Here is a super sexy one! I was their babysitter, hired to take care of their children. I was not expecting to get asked if I would be interested in becoming their third member in the bedroom. The kids were fast asleep. They came into the house, asked me how things were, they paid me. They asked me if I had to be home right away, and I told them that I did not have to be, and could stick around for a little bit longer.

He then walked up to me, and got very close to my ear, and whispered into my ear that they both thought that I was very pretty. His wife walked up. She took my face in her hands, and kissed me very deeply, letting her tongue graze my bottom lip. I was taken aback, but I would be lying if I told you that I was not turned on.

I was their naughty little babysitter.

The couple, seeing the fire in my eyes, decided to lead me upstairs to their bedroom, and sat me on the edge of the bed. The wife settled behind me and started to take off my shirt and bra while watching her husband look at my bare skin. The wife turned my head towards her and started to kiss me, while her husband licked and kissed my hard little nipples.

He started to unbutton my skirt, and slide it, along with my panties, down and off of me. He spread my legs and thrust his cock into my dripping wet pussy. I kept kissing his wife, so turned on by how much she was enjoying this when she whispered into my lips that she wanted me to taste her. I got onto my hands and knees and dipped my tongue into her while her husband slipped his cock into my tight little pussy.

While he was pushing his cock into me, I was sliding my tongue around her clit.

I was pushing my fingers into her, making her scream from sheer pleasure. Her husband tells me that he is going to come in me. His wife screams in pleasure as she orgasms while my tongue is on her clit and my fingers are deep inside of her. I can feel her muscles clenching on my fingers while she finds her release.

He thrusts his cock in me one more time. He explodes, filling me up with his sticky goodness. His cock pulls out of me and I watch as his cum drips out of my pussy. He tells his wife that he will enjoy having me whenever I babysit their kids, and his wife agrees. They tell me that I will be their naughty little babysitter every time they need a little more excitement. From now on, I will be their own personal source of babysitter sex stories.


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