I admit it.  I’m a procrastinator.  okay maybe not a full blown can’t ever do anything on time always has fifty million things to do procrastinator,  but at least a little easily distracted.

So tonight instead of studying  I went out with my girlfriends. I might have gotten a little too drunk, but I have been working so hard lately I needed the break.

When I got home threw my keys on the counter and slumped down into to a chair . I was drunk and bored. Not just bored, but horny. I didn’t find any worthy men at the bar and I hate when that happens. It’s been a week and a half since the last time I got fucked and that is too long for me.

I looked up and noticed the light on in the building next door. The curtains were wide open. I wondered if my neighbor was home. I got myself up and made my way to the window . He was. He he seemed to be in the middle of a heated conversation on the phone. I watched him, as his face contorted, getting more and more frustrated with who ever it was he was speaking with. He was still in his work clothes though it was close to midnight. I had a passing thought of blindfolding him with his tie, thinking of how his face would change under a different kind of stress.

He was so sexy, I wondered how many times he looked out his window and could see in my apartment. How many times I had walked around naked. The thought of his eyes on my naked body, watching me through the window was more than I could bare in my drunken state.

I pulled my jacket off. I went to my bedroom and grabbed the bottle of baby oil I keep next to the bed. I returned to the living room. He was still there. He didn’t seem as angry as before. but he was still on the phone. I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing my navy blue lacy push up bra and matching thong. I snapped on the light. It seemed to draw his attention, and before he could look away I waved and opened the bottle. I poured a little on my chest letting it pool in between my breasts.

Smirking I watched as he made an excuse and hung up the phone. I reached around and unhooked my bra.  I slid the straps down my shoulders, my nipples hardening in reaction to being exposed. I rubbed my hands over them, sliding the baby oil over my skin. I pinched my nipples.He was fixated on me now, watching my every move from his window, unconsciously running his hands over his hardening cock.  I moaned as I slid my hands lower.

Hooking my thumbs into my panties I turned my back toward  the window.  I pulled them down, slowly bending at the waist and dropping them to the floor. I reached for the baby oil again, this time pouring it just below my belly button as I turned around. letting it drip down over my shaved pussy and on to my bare thighs. the goosebumps quickly forming, I rubbed the shimmering oil over my thighs and back up lightly caressing my slit.

My neighbor seemly shocked watched on. I looked behind me searching for a chair. I reached for the the one at my desk, and brought it to the window. Sitting down I positioned myself with my legs wide open one  on each arm. I poured more oil over my naked chest and worked it down my stomach and into my increasingly wet pussy. It seemed like every movement was intensified ten fold between the alcohol and knowing his eyes were fixated on me. I felt like I was ready to explode. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum, as I slid my fingers back over my completely exposed pussy. I circled my clit and felt it harden slightly under my touch. I pressed harder.

My eyes fixated on my neighbor. He was following my lead, unzipping his pants and allowing himself to work his hands over his huge erection. That did it.  I threw my head back and let out a moan as my orgasm washed over me, my walls tightening around my fingers. When I raised my head back up, I blew him a kiss and flicked off the light.