I’m not your Run-of-the-MILF: I’m a Man Eating Cougar

I admit it. It gets me wet just thinking about seducing young guys. Now mind you, I love to tempt older guys as well as make an unsuspecting DIDDO (Dad I’d Do) stray into my clutches. But there is something about plucking the bloom off a younger guy that is just so delicious.  It’s like an addiction that the man eating cougar in me needs to feed. What can I say? I’m a dirty neighborhood MILF and I make no apologies for it!

Now, let me give you a possible scenario to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

Let’s say I’m your sexy next-door neighbor. And that perhaps you’ve heard about my sexual conquests. In addition, maybe you’ve heard about my insatiable appetite, and how I’m a man eating cougar in disguise. Moreover, I’m sure you’ve wondered if those rumors were true, or if they just exaggerated an overly friendly disposition. You won’t have to wait very much longer to find out for yourself.

Seems My Inner Man Eating Cougar Has Its Sights On You


I set my trap with a pair of cut-offs that show off the curve of my ass, threatening to expose my pussy at the slightest of movements. To go along with those barely-there shorts, I’m wearing a very low-cut, very sheer halter top. Additionally, you won’t find a pair of panties or a bra anywhere on my luscious body.

As I move about the yard, doing this and that, your eyes fixated on every sway of my hips. I know you’re tracking me, taking it all in, your cock hard as granite and threatening to burst out of your pants. And then I do it. My inner man-eater demands it. I bend over low at the waist with my legs in an obscenely wide stance as I expose my pussy. Even though it’s a lewd public display for all to see, it’s your eyes alone that I mean to entrap.

Oh Yes, This is the Stuff Teenage Boys’ Fantasies are Made of


Going a step further I invite you over for a closer look. That’s when I know my trap has sprung (along with your throbbing cock). Oh yes indeed, I know I’ve won and I lick my lips in anticipation, my man eating cougar MILF eager to sink its teeth into you.

You may be apprehensive, maybe even a bit scared, but don’t you worry. I’m a very experienced MILF, and I’ll teach you such decadently sinful things in an erotic and mind-blowing MILF phone sex session. Things that a young inexperienced, virginal lover needs to know.


So what do you say my young, virginal morsel…

Care to be this man eating Cougar’s next meal?

Just pick up that phone and dial my phone sex line, and I’ll blow more than just your mind, hehehe!!


Your Free Sex Story & Man Eating Cougar Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke