My man is a cuckold and lately, he’s been acting a bit strange.  Not crazy strange, but still strange.  He left for work, then I left for work. Though, I circled back to find him locking something up in the wall-safe.  He scurried back to his car and pulled off.

My hands shook a little as I opened the safe.  They shook more when I saw the stack of handwritten letters tied with a satin bow.  So like him, so girlie and incredibly CUCKOLD of him. Haha. I opened the one on top. It read:

“Dear Shawn.

I do not write to you in anger. Jealousy? Perhaps.  But, never anger. You bring my Queen, Joey so much pleasure. Your cock… Is a thing of beauty.  A work of art. The size alone is something I covet like a thief in the night.  I wish to have your cock, Shawn. I hope to someday pleasure her in half of the ways YOU pleasure her.  To have her look at me the way she does you.

Oh, yes! I have watched the two of you from afar. You create quite the hardcore sex fantasies for me.  I can feel her fingers as if they would caress my skin. But, she will never let her touch her the way she allows you to.  I am, quite simply put, not worthy of her.

YOU possess her.  Please at least teach me how

Her taunting is relentless!  And I confess to loving it in some way.  However, in other ways, I long to FORCE MYSELF upon her helpless body.  To carry her, limp and completely at my disposal to my secret playroom; to force my worthless cock down her throat and take her in vial ways.  But, I’m sure you have taken her in ways I’ve yet to conceive.  But, I am an eager student.

Please teach me!  I will do anything you wish. You can become my Master and I, your pitiful slave.  I will lap at your huge cock and perform every task you set before me. I just need to taste her once more.  You know better than anyone that she no longer lets me touch her.

Educate me, or let me go!

Don’t I at least get to know how and what a quality woman needs, Shawn?  It’s clear she needs that sweet cunt pounded and spit at with your jizz.  The way she wriggles beneath you, backs that ass up on you, practically begs for your sex.  Still, no man deserves that much reverence, and yet, she is yours with everything she has.

Oh, yes.  She’s cum home to me with your cum dried on her face, man!  Have you no shame for what you do? I’m sorry!  I said this wasn’t a hate letter.

A cuckold must know his place, after all.

I am a true cuck, you know.  I’m forced to wear her panties when she removes them and the pleasure nearly brings me to orgasm.  I wear the delicates underneath my business suits.  It’s really kind of funny when you think about the fact that during my workdays, I control the masses. While at home, she CUNTrols me!

I will probably never send this missive.  Sometimes, I just enjoy thinking of you knowing what a wimp I am.  I jerk my sad little cock and wonder how it might feel if YOU degraded me too? Or, if I could bring you the pleasure SHE does? I need to know how to make my Gay Phone Sex fantasies cum true!

If you wonder what it could feel like being my cuckold hubby, we need each other.

Get the low-down on being on the down-low from me…the Queen of Mean!  I’ll be your Secret Guilty Pleasure!