A good man baby loves to get humiliated..

Man baby’s favorite thing to do is get caught. But he always gets to pick when and where.. It’s always a mall or a store that he’ll never go back to, or rarely visits, so that they’ll never remember. But in a little lost bet over a basketball game, he ended up owing me. And of course, I’d be selfless this time and instead of asking for gifts or some spending money.. I stuck it right where it hurt! I made him do the one thing he was scared (and excited) to do..and never would have done if I didn’t force him to.

He put on his big man baby diaper and went to work. It was a little awkward seeing the extra diaper bulge in his work pants, but he made it fit..and of course, it was going to make everyone look at him and wonder what was going on down there! Which is exactly what I wanted. But to make matters worse, he had to wear a shirt that was just short enough that, when he bent over, it’d ride up just enough to show off some of the diaper edges. It was perfect. And he had to keep me updated all day. From the first second he walked into work and the front desk girl greeted him and took a quick glance at his pants, to when he bent over to grab some files and his boss commented about the shirt being a little too short for him. He was under a microscope all day, and he knew people were wondering about it. Specially the guys he has drinks with after work!

The poor man baby just didn’t know how to cover it up.. He even made up a silly lie about having to wear a specific type of underwear for a day, due to a “surgery”. Can you imagine what all his co-workers are thinking now after that fail of an excuse? 🙂

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