Sex Toys! I love male sex toys even though the last time I checked I am not a male.  

Sex toys will be today’s topic of this personal blog post….so, guys… have you become bored with your beat-off routine?  Are you facing masturbation monotony? Jaded with jacking off?  Well, first you should call me, obviously. But alternatively, you should get yourself a prostate toy and then call me for a very steamy, hot, phonesex conversation and let’s pleasure each other.  

If you’re new to this, the first thing you should do is try to be open to new and different things. You know, step out of your comfort zone. Treat yourself…you deserve it!  You will be so glad you did; these sex toys will totally change for the better how you get off!

So, what exactly is a prostate toy/massager?

Well, most importantly, they are sex toys designed especially for guys since they’re specifically shaped to be used in the male butt.   It slides right into your tight little man ass and when it’s in the right place it applies pressure to the area around the prostate.  And if you’re doing it right, (I’m told) it feels fucking amazing and your orgasms could be on a completely different level of intensity than anything you’ve ever experienced.  

But Stevie, I’ve never used Anal sex toys before…  

Perfect!  I am here to help you and encourage you during your first time.  I want to be there when you discover the joy of prostate massage and orgasms.  You will see that this is one of those times when you realize “this feels so much better than I thought it would…”

Okay, you’ve convinced me.  How do I start?

First, you will need to decide which toy to buy.  You should start small if you’re a butt play newbie and pick something that is good for beginners.  Two you can start with would be the Aneros Helix Syn (a little smaller) or the Aneros Progasm (a little bigger). Then, just make sure you relax and have plenty of time, lube, and patience.  When you insert the toy for the first time, try to go slowly. If it’s too uncomfortable, stop where you are for a minute. Give yourself a chance to get used to how it feels inside and then try to go a little deeper.  Then, just let the sex toys do the work for you.

But Stevie… I’m much too manly to stick toys in my butt… Doesn’t that mean you’re gay?

*Sigh*… No.  It only means you’re gay if the object you’re enjoying in your ass is attached to a dude.  

In conclusion… You boys and your anal sex toys… y’all are all just so fucking hot!

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Maybe you have some phone controlled sex toys that need controlling, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy or anything else just call me for the and look into the mind of one of the kinkiest girls in the Phone Sex Kingdom